Build income on your own terms with Kyäni’s business opportunity!

We get what you’re up against.

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? At Kyäni, we understand the frustration that comes with balancing the demands of work and home life and wondering how to cover it all. Typical expenses that plague today’s households include:

Rising Cost of Living

Stagnant Wages

High Cost of Education

Personal Debt

Huge Insurance Premiums

What's in it for me?

Kyäni’s unique business opportunity provides a solid partnership and valuable tools and training you need to start your own side hustle. Our Business Partners enjoy the freedom of working when and how they choose.

Just imagine:

Setting your own schedule

Flexibility on when, where and how much you work

Helping others feel their best

Building a team of
like-minded partners

Live life on your own terms

We’ve created a partnership opportunity that has helped hundreds of thousands of people in more than 50 countries earn additional income with their own businesses, on their own terms. Kyäni offers several ways to earn a supplemental income centered around helping others take control of their health and nutrition.

The more sales you and your team generate, the more you earn!

The process is simple:

We believe in a three-step approach to finding success with your Kyäni business. With Kyäni’s unparalleled health and wellness products as your foundation, you’ll be positioned to help those around you discover the Healthy Living lifestyle, while continually learning from your team and mentors. Build your business at the pace you choose through consistent, daily actions.
Partner with Kyäni today
Follow your team and mentors
Be consistent with daily business building activities

Partner with Kyäni today

Good nutrition is at the core of your quality of life. Kyäni has developed a simple, yet extraordinary nutritional system that has helped hundreds of thousands around the world to achieve optimal health.

The noticeable benefits that people experience continue to help enlarge Kyäni’s loyal Customer base, which represents a unique and potentially lucrative business opportunity for those who partner with Kyäni.

As a Business Partner, you can feel confident that you’re providing high-quality products that can enhance lives–including yours! This helps Kyäni to attract the very best business partners. And because we want you to succeed, we continue to innovate with new products, business tools, and the training you need to build a thriving business.

Follow your team
and mentor

What is the key to a successful business? Besides having Kyäni as your business partner, you also need someone who has history and experience, offers new perspectives, and someone to challenge and follow up with you.

Having a mentor and belonging to a team have proven to be great advantages to those who are starting businesses. Your mentor might be the person who sponsored you, or another leader in your team. Either way, no one should be left alone to reinvent the wheel.

Your mentor and team can help you duplicate the success that they’ve achieved, and help you to accomplish your business goals. If you follow the system and put in the work, you can potentially generate more income.

Be consistent with daily business building activities

Enjoy the freedom of working your own hours and spending time on the things that really matter—family, friends, and good health. As a society, we sometimes neglect the things that matter most. Our physical/mental health, relationships with friends and family, and time to actually live.

Whatever the time of day, if you’re consistent with daily business-building activities, you can earn the income you’re looking for and enjoy the flexibility of entrepreneurship. With a small investment and focused work, you can own your business without your business owning you. The time is now. Be a part of the global Healthy Living movement. Partner with Kyäni today!



NAME: Catalina G.
RANK: Sapphire

Dr. Catalina Grija needed coffee to stay energized every day before she started using Kyäni products. After a week of taking the products, she realized she didn’t need the coffee anymore. Now she has sustained energy throughout the day and wakes up feeling rested!

As a physician, this opened her eyes to the power of nutrition to support her patients’ health. Her passion for medicine, coupled with nutrition, enabled her to move to Internal Medicine, where she empowers people to live healthier lives every day.


NAME: Mekan M.
RANK: Emerald

Mekan has over 800 Business Partners in 16 different countries. But the numbers aren’t what bring him fulfillment.

He understands that when you invite someone to join Kyäni you aren’t asking for something from them. You’re giving something to them: health, wealth, and life! He teaches his team to live by that same principle and continues to see those blessings come to pass in their lives.

All he uses are his belief in the Kyäni Opportunity, an internet connection, and his laptop, and he achieves self-fulfillment every day helping his team grow!


NAME: Daniel S.
RANK: Jade

Charity and family are important values for the Schwab family. Daniel and his wife have supported the Huntsman Cancer Foundation for over 10 years. The thought of simply writing a donation check, instead of asking friends and family for donations and selling fundraiser cards to raise money, brings tears to his eyes. Because of their Kyäni Business, they can do just that.

They also get to spend less time working and more time loving their children. They get to travel as a family, giving their kids some of the experiences they never had.

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